​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Senior reviewers

Senior reviewers are experienced principals appointed to the School and Region Reviews (SRR) branch​.

They lead training, oversee all aspects of the domestic and international reviews program, liaise with regions in all matters related to reviews and engage with the SRR research program.

Stephen Bobby, Senior Reviewer

Principal experience
14 years

Most recent principal position
Elanora State High School, 2012–21

Other experience
I have held principal roles in 3 fantastic state schools—Biloela State High School, Keebra Park State High School and Elanora State High School. Other experience includes growth coaching and Chair of the Education Queensland International accreditation reviews.

Areas of interest
I have experience in both rural and metropolitan schools as principal. I have a great interest in developing student and staff global perspectives through involvement in a range of international programs. I am also interested in the implementation of Positive Behaviour for Learning with fidelity and the vast array of school community partnerships which improve student outcomes.

Why did you want to become a reviewer?
I am a strong believer that feedback is the fuel for growth and have found my involvement with the School and Region Reviews branch, initially as a peer reviewer then as an internal reviewer, to be extremely rewarding. It is an absolute privilege to work with fellow principals and the National School Improvement Tool in helping schools shape their future improvement journey.

Other interests
As a former teacher of Bahasa Indonesia, I have a strong affinity with Indonesia. I am a passionate Australian Football League fan and heavily involved in the sport of swimming with my family.


Internal reviewers

Internal reviewers are experienced state school principals seconded to the SRR for a negotiated period of time to lead reviews.

For more information on becoming an internal reviewer, contact the SRR.


Principal peer reviewers

All Queensland state school principals are invited to be trained as peer reviewers and participate in a school review. Being a peer reviewer is an exceptional leadership development opportunity that helps to support the high standard and credibility of the school review process. Our quality peer reviewer pool ensures review teams have a broad range of experience and insights, allowing the best fit of reviewers for each school context.

Interested principals are encouraged to attend the 2-day National School Improvement Tool program. For more information, contact the SRR.


External reviewers

External reviewers are from outside the department and are contracted by the SSR to take part in reviews.

Many external reviewers are former Queensland state school principals or have served in senior officer positions within the department. Others come from non-state schools, interstate or higher education. All external reviewers bring with them a strong understanding of school improvement and educational leadership.

Invitations to offer for external reviewers are published on QTenders. Interested parties can register their details online.

For more information, contact the SRR.​​

Last updated 06 January 2023