School case studies


​​​​​​​Case studies are published throughout the year and feature schools that have generated significant improvement gains, as identified in a recent school review.

View case studies​ (PDF, 2.4MB) categorised by the School Improvement Hierarchy domains.​

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Building positive relationships for learning at Ayr State High School ​(December 2021) (PDF, 2.6MB)​
Positive relationships are at the heart of Ayr State High School’s improvement journey. For students, relationship building begins before day one with support for their transition into high school, and continues with a strong focus on engagement and wellbeing throughout their schooling.

Inquiring to learn and learning to improve at Peregian Springs State School (June 2021) (PDF, 3.5MB)​
Leaders at Peregian Springs State​ School have maintained a small school feel by empowering teachers and leaders with autonomy and leveraging and sharing expertise for professional learning.

Leading with the head, the heart and the hand at Wishart State School (May 2021) (PDF, 2.3MB)
An ambitious vision for learning, a positive and professional school culture, and inspiring collective action are all essential to Wishart State School's approach to school improvement. Students are at the centre of what they do and distributed leadership is how they get there.

Connecting curriculum and the community at Albany Creek State High School (April 2021) (PDF, 1.3MB)
Connection is the key to success at Albany Creek State High School. Effective collaboration between school staff has seen an effective alignment of curriculum, assessment and pedagogical practice.

Developing leadership capability through intentional collaboration (March 2021) (PDF, 950KB)
Eleven principals of rural and remote Darling Downs South West schools are taking part in a series of authentic learning experiences designed to boost their leadership skills and improve education for students in the bush.

All eyes on every student—wrap around teams at Meridan State College (December 2020) (PDF, 2MB)
Wrap around teams marshal professional expertise, channel resources, focus minds, and keep everyone’s eyes on the students. The teams ‘wrap around’ the students in their care, maximising students’ learning, engagement and wellbeing.

Making learning visible at Thargomindah State School (November 2020) (PDF, 3.3MB)
In the small, rural and remote school of Thargomindah, a new approach to teaching gives children the ownership of learning. When learning is made visible, teachers become learners and students become their own teachers.

Leading with curriculum at Manly State School (February 2020) (PDF, 356KB)
Systematic curriculum delivery is the school’s explicit focus for improvement, with the school working across all domains to achieve the next lift in student outcomes.

Mudgeeraba Special School (November 2019) (PDF, 3.2MB)
The case study presents reflections on the improvement journey of Mudgeeraba Special School and identifies factors that contributed to the school’s success.​​

Last updated 20 December 2021